How is Fairy Floss (Cotton Candy) Made?

First of all you need 4 important items:

  1. Heat (from a fairy floss machine) to melt (caramelised) the sugar, which will turn it into a liquid.
  2. Set of very small holes (found in the head of a fairy floss machine), that the liquid sugar is able to flow through, creating threads of sugar.
  3. A spinning head (which forms part of the head on the fairy floss machine), which forces the liquid sugar out of the small holes in the head.
  4. Finally, a bowl to catch the threads of sugar.

The head of a fairy floss machine contains a heater.
This heater melts the sugar, turning it into a liquid.
So as the head of the fairy floss machine is spinning, at the same time its melting the sugar. As the sugar melts, its forced through the small holes in the head. As the sugar threads hit the air, they are cooled and re-solidify. In the bowl a web of sugar threads have now formed. These threads (fairy floss) are collected onto a stick.

In reverse, if you drop the fairy floss into a bucket of water. The fairy floss will dissolve and turn back into the solid (but soggy) sugar it started out as.


How is Popcorn Made?

First of all there are 4 important elements needed:

  1. Moisture inside the kernel.
  2. Starch inside the kernel.
  3. Hard shell which surrounds the kernel.
  4. Heat.

Each kernel has a percentage of moisture inside.

Without the moisture, the kernel will be unable to pop. What is also needed for popcorn to “pop”, is heat.
Either a microwave, popcorn popper, or simply in a pot on the stove. When the popcorn kernels are heated, the moisture inside the kernel expands putting pressure against the starch inside the kernel. When the water pressure inside the hard shell get high enough, the kernel will then explode. The soft starch inside the kernel will inflate and burst, turning the kernel inside out, releasing the steam inside and exposing the airy foam we see as popcorn

  • Kernels that do not pop are known as “old maids”. They are basically too dry, and have no pop left in them!
  • Buttered popcorn sells twice as well as plain popcorn.
  • The average popping temperature for popcorn is around 175°C.

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